Strategic Plan

The purpose of the Alliance’s strategic plan is to outline our commitment to success for 2015-2018. This plan will be used as a communication tool to inform Alliance members, non-member electric utilities, suppliers to the industry, and other key stakeholders about the Alliance’s vision, mission and goals. Because the Alliance operates in an ever-changing world where the application of sustainability is evolving, the strategic plan is a living document and will be updated as needed.

The Alliance seeks to become the leader in developing voluntary consensus standards for electric utility supply chain sustainability. We will accomplish this by focusing on four (4) aspects of success.

1. The Alliance will be the “go-to” organization for sustainable supply chain information by peers, suppliers and stakeholders in the North American electric utility space.

When supply chain professionals need information or advice on sustainability for electric utilities, they will naturally turn to the Alliance. Suppliers and stakeholders will also turn to the Alliance when considering new approaches and opportunities. In addition to being an industry relevant resource, the Alliance’s Signature Event will be recognized as industry leading and provide a wealth of practical material and networking opportunities. The electric utility industry will acknowledge the Alliance as a leader in the sustainability space.

2. The Alliance will continue to focus on all three (3) pillars of sustainability – people, planet and profit.

While the Alliance’s efforts often focus primarily on the links between sustainability and environmental performance, our work is designed to also positively impact the economic and social aspects of sustainability.

3. The Alliance will produce industry-changing standards that are published and adopted broadly.

Formed as a 501(c)(6) non-profit voluntary standards development organization, the Alliance will continue to publish voluntary standards that shed light on sustainable practices. The voluntary standards will be broadly adopted due to their technical quality and rigorous review process.

4. The Alliance will be known for its engaged and vibrant membership.

To be successful in achieving this future state the Alliance must rely upon its membership. Alliance members realize they are making a difference and are energized by their work and ability to use their talents toward a greater purpose.

The strategic framework below, provides the structure under which we operate.