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Alliance Initiatives

Alliance initiatives stem from the Alliance’s strategic planning process. A summary of the strategic palling process is the Strategic Framework.

Strategic Framework for Alliance Initiatives

Ongoing Initiatives and Activities

Alliance Systems and Processes

Monthly Calls

  • Monthly call with all members to review and progress the Alliance working group items and agenda.
  • Monthly Executive Committee meetings make the necessary decisions for Alliance progress.

Annual Sustainable Sourcing Conference
Annually the Alliance invites members, non-member utilities and suppliers to join together for a 1-1/2 day event to review the Alliance progress and to listen and learn the latest information for a sustainable supply chain.

Annual CPO Roundtable
In 2015 the Alliance launched a CPO Roundtable, to raise the visibility of the business case for supply chain sustainability, and to engage top utility management in the drive to adopt sustainability best practices in supply chain activities and supplier networks.

Products and Services
Monthly best practice-sharing webinars in which utilities present or showcase a product or service strategy that is helping to reduce the company's environmental footprint in some way.

Supplier Performance
Annual survey of top suppliers from all utilities to gauge performance on key sustainability performance indicators. A single survey is distributed to all suppliers and results are tracked over time to provide performance trends and benchmark data for the individual Alliance members.

Additional Initiatives For 2015-2018 Include:

Supply Chain Operations – To encourage the sustainability of the members’ own supply chain operations the Alliance commits to achieving the following by 2018, each member will improve by one (1) maturity level in three (3) years.

Products and Services – To lead the electric utility industry in the establishment of a sustainable supply chain the Alliance will do the following between 2015 and 2018:

  • The Alliance commits to produce at least one (1) additional commodity best practice document per year through 2018.
  • 75% of members will adopt and document the benefits from at least one (1) new practice per relevant commodity document, within two (2) years of its release.

Supplier Performance – To continue and accelerate our support of suppliers in the area of sustainability performance, the Alliance commits to achieving the following by 2018:

  • 100% of members participating in the Annual Supplier Sustainability Survey incorporate the results into their supplier relationships.

Communication and Engagement – To track our progress in this critical area the Alliance has set the following goals:

  • To continually release materials (at least 3 per year) to educate stakeholders on the value and mechanisms to adopt sustainable practices through standards, white papers, thought pieces, etc.
  • To support the broader adoption of Alliance identified practices by speaking at 4 external events per year.
  • As a measure of our growing influence we aim to increase traffic to our website by 20% per year between 2015 and 2018

Completed Initiatives

Annually, the Alliance members select a product or process to research and make the focus of best practice guidance development. See the list of guidance documents, on our Resources page, developed by the Alliance to date.