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The Alliance continues to engage the electric utility industry and its supply chain as a whole. We are reaching out to suppliers to submit topics for practice sharing opportunities. The objectives of these sessions are to share effective solutions to sustainability challenges that are relevant to the full industry. We want to hear from you about results you’ve realized through sustainability initiatives learned from the Sustainable Sourcing Conference or partnering with your utilities. Through this sharing of experiences, the Alliance aspires to spread awareness of solutions to common challenges and advance the practice of sustainability within the industry and across the supply chain.

Suppliers are invited to submit a topic for consideration to present on the member monthly calls which occur on the third Tuesday of most months. These sessions are approximately 20 minutes with 15 minutes of presentation addressing the value of the effort, the lessons learned and guidance on replicating the outcome and 5 minutes of questions and answers.

Supplier submissions chosen will be considered for inclusion in the Alliance’s newsletter

Suppliers who have a unique story to tell about addressing a sustainability challenge should complete the form below.
OR, submit a a one page paper addressing the following questions to

The selection criteria will be as follows:

• 25% − Sustainability pillars (People, Planet, Profit) impacted by this idea - What aspects of sustainability are encompassed by the idea?
• 25% − Applicability across the industry - Does this apply to a broad set of US based utilities and/or suppliers? Or address a key material issue within a purchase category?
• 25% − Level of business value for supplier and utility - How much value did this idea bring to both buyer and supplier?
• 25% − Robustness of case study - (e.g. documented and publicly communicated outcomes, third party certifications, time in place, etc.)
• 25% Bonus – Results realized as a direct result of the Alliance members and/or their Conference.

We will contact all suppliers who submit an abstract with the results of their scoring against the criteria. Please note that members of the press, other supplier companies and utilities are present at these events and/or may access future recordings of them. Suppliers should not have any expectation of confidentiality or privacy. By submitting a paper and presenting through either opportunity, the participant agrees to have their abstract and presentation made publicly available.

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