2020 Vision

The Alliance is taking our mission to the next step. In the next 3 years you will see our growth in exciting directions. In 2018 we will take input from our suppliers about how to structure a program to launch a new category of membership for suppliers in The Alliance. We will also start the process of expanding our Knowledge Sharing through a new, easier-to-access platform.

Our vision is that suppliers will be invited to directly participate in our activities with more access, more input and more information at their fingertips. The details will be worked out through our Supplier Survey and input from our members. We will keep you posted on the results. If you have input as to how to create the a mutually beneficial supplier membership program, please send us an email at: alliance@westerneda.com

In addition to our current Practice Sharing and Supplier Education events throughout the year, in 2018 we will be laying the groundwork for a new Knowledge Sharing Platform to help members capture successful practices, simplify member sharing and connect with available resources. This platform is in the formative stage, more details will be coming soon.

Get ready for exciting developments in 2018. Our conference in September promises to be a lively one. Your ideas are always welcome. Sharing expertise will only make us stronger. We’re creating more value for our members in all directions!