Daniel Kreeger Named Keynote at the Sustainable Sourcing Conference

In May 2018, the State of Maryland engaged Dan and ACCO to administer the nation's first state-sponsored climate academy, which will be aimed at integrating climate change competencies into management decisions in local/state government agencies and critical infrastructure organizations.

Dan has vast experience establishing partnerships and collaborating with Federal agencies, environmental non-profits, academic institutions and multinational corporations. He has a unique familiarity with key climate and sustainability leaders at, and efforts by, most Fortune 500 companies, top 100 government contractors, and government entities.

A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, Dan is an accomplished business executive with 15 years of cross-functional experience in change management, business strategies, public relations, public affairs, research and consulting within business-to-business, government, and consumer-centric sectors with a particular focus on the economic and operational implications of environmental and healthcare issues. Dan has published numerous papers and spoken at dozens of industry events on operational and workforce issues related to climate change, environmental sustainability and national security.

Since 2008, Dan has led the development of ACCO, including producing industry leading conferences such as the GreenGov Symposium (in partnership with the White House Council on Environmental Quality) and the Climate Leadership Conference and Awards (in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, The Climate Registry and Center for Climate and Energy Solutions).

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