SRP Announces 2035 Goals

“SRP considers environmental sustainability a business imperative in our supply chain decisions. We continually share this position with suppliers. Our engagement with the Alliance provides a platform to elevate our program and a benchmark with best practices for meeting and exceeding our 2035 supply chain sustainability goals.”

In short, SRPs 2035 sustainability goals are:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Ensure water resiliency
  • Modernize the energy grid
  • Promote a sustainable supply chain, reduce waste
  • Engage with our communities

“As you can see, managing our supply chain to reduce environmental impacts and business costs is one of our 2035 sustainability goals. We leveraged existing efforts already in progress to initiate a formal program of supply chain environmental improvements. Our plans include objectives and specific targets to ensure the improvements can be measured to assess progress.”

“As a member of EUISSCA, we benchmarked our efforts against other member energy providers in the supply chain sustainability maturity model “The Framework Survey”. In 2018, SRP improved in 11 out of 20 Framework attributes.”

“SRP takes pride in our Investment Recovery organization, recognized as an industry leader in recycling and repurposing assets that have reached the end of their life cycle at SRP. We continue to look for opportunities to improve. As an example, in the last two years we have focused on our nonhazardous industrial solid waste and improved our diversion from 65% to 70%. Our wire processing operation is best in class and has recycled over 10,000 tons of mixed materials in the last 10 years.”

“What we have learned is the ‘script continues to be written’ and it is important to keep up with and communicate supply chain sustainability technology, processes and best practices to our internal customers and suppliers.”

“Supply Chain sustainability is on a trajectory similar to advancements made with supplier diversity initiatives. In order to improve our environmental footprint, we all need to get involved, provide input and collaborate with other members and suppliers. Our membership in the Alliance is a great resource for information exchange.”

Carrie offered some insight into SRP’s immediate and long-term continuing supply chain sustainability goals.

  • One of our key priorities for 2018 is incorporating sustainability criteria into our supplier selection process. This is no easy task and involves coordination, agreement and education between Supply Chain, our internal clients and suppliers. We are also developing dashboards and metrics to measure our success of key initiatives and supplier engagement.
  • Our overarching priority is to continue to work with suppliers to reduce our impact on the environment for the goods and services they produce.

As we wrapped up, she finished with a defining statement that says a lot about their commitment to The Alliance.

“Our presence within the EUISSCA organization has been strengthened this year by adding active team members from our Supply Chain organization. We have also leveraged some of the member tools to accelerate adoption within our organization. The relationships with other members have been strengthened and are instrumental in sharing best practices and partnering with other utilities.”

“From our perspective, the value realized is proportionate with your activity level. The framework survey developed by the EUISSCA participants continues to be a key gauge of our progress and the measurement of industry best practices.”